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Wanting to Build a Home?

Finance Studio specialises in Construction and has helped many home buyers over the last 13 years build their dream homes.  Building a home is a huge commitment and can take time, as we have personally built properties we can help you through this process and offer advise along the way.

Ideally if you purchase a House and Land Package together you can save a lot of stress.  Some clients opt to purchase the land and then organise the construction of the property at a later date.  The only concern with this is making sure that the whole project values correctly as market conditions can change at any point.


With a Construction Loan your Contract to Build will be based on Progressive Payments to the builder.  This means that initially you will be paying your loan based on the land component of the property and then progressively this will increase by a certain predetermined percentage amount gradually over the construction period until the whole loan is drawn down.

Benefits of Building:

  • Build the Home to suit your family and lifestyle

  • Choose your own colour schemes

  • Build the home to your budget

  • Less immediate maintenance, some builders also offer building guarantees   


Looking to Renovate your Existing Home?

Do you have a home that you would love to Renovate?  Then look no further as we can help, just give us a call or book in a appointment and we can help you through the process.  We will look at your options carefully and see if this is a possibility for you. 

Popular Renovations Finance Studio assist with

  • Swimming Pools

  • Patios/Pergolas

  • Room Extensions

  • Roof Restoration

  • Balconies

  • Sheds/Garages

  • Fencing/Landscaping

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